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A Fun Place To Play & Learn


At Emanuel Lutheran Preschool, we are a Christ-centered preschool that strives to make learning fun so that children develop a love for learning at a young age. We believe that an attitude of love and respect for God and fellow humans is “caught” as well as “taught”. It is our purpose to not only spend once a week hearing a Bible story and doing a related craft, but to integrate these values into our entire program. The staff strives to address the needs of the whole child. Therefore, in addition to their spiritual growth, we work on small and large muscle development, hand/eye coordination and social interaction.


The preschool began using the S.M.A.R.T. Pre-K Program in 2014. The program uses various physical exercises to help stimulate the brain. The curriculum involves large motor exercises, fine motor activities and vision activities designed to improve hand/eye coordination, focusing, gross and fine motor skills, sequencing, left/right awareness and spatial relations. Activities such as the alligator/army crawl teach the children to use alternating right hand/left leg to crawl, using both sides of the brain and body.

reading loft
field trips
hands on fun
play area
learn about nature
hands on fun
bible stories


3 year olds
days: tuesday, wednesday, thursday
session: mornings
tuition: $120/month*

The three year old classes are introduced to a letter a week. The craft and activities center on this letter. A large part of the class time is spent on social skills. For many, this is their first time in a group setting away from their parents. They do a variety of activities to strengthen both large and small muscles. They will learn to identify colors and shapes, and to use scissors and glue. As they are ready, they are guided in letter formation and writing their name. During the spring, they are accompanied by their parents and staff to a local farm and to the Brookings Children's Museum.


4 year olds
days: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday
session: afternoons
tuition: $150/month*

The four year old classes are introduced to a letter a week. They will work on learning to write the letter and identifying the sound that each letter makes. They work on counting and identifying numbers to 20. Learning is made fun with hands on activities and games. During the year, they take a variety of field trips (fire station, Taco John's, the nursing home, airport, etc.) In the spring, the children and their parents are invited to ride a school bus to the Watertown Zoo. Each spring, they also have "Kindergarten Roundup" in which they get to spend some time visiting the kindergarten classrooms and meeting the kindergarten teachers at Milbank Elementary School.

*Plus an annual registration fee of $40 (non-refundable),

which helps cover the cost of supplies and materials.

Find more information on our Resources/FAQs page, including an Enrollment Form, Handbook, Calendar and more.
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