Parent FAQs

What is the weather closing policy?

In the event of bad weather, we will take our cue from the public school. When the public school closes the entire school system because of weather, the preschool will also close. If the school starts one hour late the preschool will start at 9:15. If the public school starts two hours late, the preschool morning session will be canceled.  If the school buses are not running, there will be no school. Parents are advised to decide for themselves if they want to send their child to school during questionable weather. All announcements about school closings or late starts will be made at 7 o’clock on “KMSD” (1510 AM). Also, you can check for public school closings and late starts on Keloland Closeline. Even though preschool is not listed there, we follow what the Milbank Public School does.

When should my child stay home due to illness?

Your child should be kept at home if he/she shows signs of the following:


  • Eyes, ears, or throat inflamed or having discharge

  • Signs of a fresh cold, such as running nose or temperature

  • Skin rash or eruption

  • General appearance of listlessness, irritability, flush, or pallor

  • Head lice


If your child becomes ill, please let us know. This is especially important in the case of a communicable disease, such as influenza.

What time are drop off and pick up?

As stated on page 14 of the preschool handbook, "Parents are requested to respect the arrival and dismissal hours as closely as possible...Exceptions may be made, if we have advance notification that a child will be early or late for a legitimate reason. Students should arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of school." If you are more than 15 minutes late for pick up, you will be charged accordingly. Staff often have other commitments that they need to leave promptly after dismissal.


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